Facility Run Samples Fee
Simple Analysis, No Sample Manipulation Required    
(e.g.  Low Resolution FIA/ESI or pre-spotted/mixed MALDI)
Complex Analysis or Sample Manipulation Needed    
(e.g. GC/MS*, LC/MS*, MS/MS*, or dilution/desalting required)
Peptide Mass Fingerprinting    $110
Methods Development/Low Resolution MS  add $40/hour
Non Academic Uses  $200
*Note: GC or LC runs using our standard columns and gradient, typically with 30 min run times, MS/MS spectra limited to 3-4 ions, total experiment time not to exceed one hour.

Supervised Self Service
(Projects must be approved in advance)
As long as parts are reasonably available: these instruments are not always running.
Bruker Reflex III MALDI TOF  $25/hour
GC/MS* (metabolites & metabolomics)  $25/hour
LC/MS*   (metabolites & metabolomics) $25/hour (coming soon)
*Note: GC/MS and LC/MS analysis on these instruments is approved only if it is not expected to interfere with the work related to their funding source, i.e. metabolites analysis and metabolomics studies.