Sample Request Forms

We have found that a brief discussion about sample history and the overall objectives of the submitter’s research projects provides the most insight into the best approach to MS analysis. For this reason we ask new users to visit with us to describe their experiments and objectives prior to submitting samples for analysis and routinely thereafter.  Moreover, it is the policy of the facility not to analyze samples without sufficient information to judge whether or not analysis can be conducted safely and what special procedures might be needed. Thus we explicitly ask submitters to provide information regarding the origin of the sample, the expected products and/or starting materials as well as the isolation/purification procedures. For biological compounds we also need to know the presumed function or activity of the compound. 

We do not accept radioactive samples or samples that require biohazard facilities.

We do not analyze prions, prion precursors, or related proteins.

We would like to emphasize that we are available for consultation regarding MS analysis, data interpretation, and the effects of pre-analysis steps. We often assist research groups by providing expertise in analytical chemistry, separations, and sample preparation as well as mass spectrometry. We are here to help.

Please use one of the following sample request forms for specific analyses. The sample form should be filled out completely.

(Contact us directly regarding GC/MS analysis).

If you cannot address specific criteria please contact the facility director at 479-575-7215 or

Publications including work conducted at the facility should acknowledge assistance from:
The Statewide Mass Spectrometry Facility, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR.